Salesforce Summer ’16 Preview – Associate a Contact to Multiple Accounts

Chad SmithSummer '16

This has been a feature request for quite some time now, and we’ve finally got it!  Your administrator will need to enable, “Allow users to relate a contact to multiple accounts” in the org but once that’s done, you’ll be able to add the new related lists on your Accounts & Contacts.

… and yes, this feature is available in Lightning & Classic!

On your contact records you’ll have a new related list for Related Accounts.

Salesforce Contacts to Multiple Accounts 1

The contact’s primary relationship will be specified as direct.  There’s a new objects and page layout to support this new relationship where an administrator can add and remove role options, create custom fields, and set page layouts.

Salesforce Contacts to Multiple Accounts 2

Accounts have a new related list as well, Related Contacts, which show standard contacts, specified as Direct as well as contacts related to the account via a non-direct relationship.

Salesforce Contacts to Multiple Accounts 3

All in all, this will be a nice feature to avoid having to create duplicate contacts in your system if you need to track the same contact related to multiple accounts.